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Font Applications

Mac MasterJuggler Pro $39.98  
Mac Extensis Suitcase $99.95  
Mac/PC FontAgent $69.95  
PC FontSpec Pro $29.00  
PC FontTrax $35.00  
PC FontXplorer $19.95  
PC The FontThing FREE  
PC MyFonts $35.00  
Mac BitFonter $499.00 Professional tool for bitmap font development
PC Font Creator $35.00 TrueType Font creation program for Windows
Mac/PC Fontographer $349.00 Alternative font creation tool
Mac/PC FontLab $549.00 Industry standard font creation tool
Mac/PC Type Tool $99.00 Lite version of FontLab
PC Softy $25.00 Creates and edits TrueType. and bitmap fonts
PC CrossFont $45.00 Converts fonts between Mac & PC formats
Mac/PC TransType $97.00 Converts between Mac & PC and between formats
Mac Baytex FontShow! FREE Font preview application.
Mac Fontabulator $5.00 Utility to preview active fonts.
Mac Fontastic! FREE Simple font viewer with slideshow and other features.
Mac FontBook - Included with OS X.
Mac FontCat $15.00 Utility for viewing and printing installed & uninstalled sets of fonts.
Mac FontShowcase FREE Small font viewing application.
Mac FontViewer $5.00 Preview all fonts installed in font folder.
Mac The Fontz $12.00 Font browser, font organizer and a text and style editor.
Mac Mini FV FREE Mini floating font viewer.
Mac theFontsBrowser $19.95 Font preview utility to browse large numbers of uninstalled fonts.
Mac TypeIndexer $39.95 Finds, sorts, catalogs and samples all of your PostScript fonts.
PC Typograf $35.00 View, print and manage your Truetype and Postscript fonts
Mac Font Checker $15.00 Utility to view individual characters in a font
Mac Font Doctor $69.99 Diagnoses and repairs all sorts of font problems
Mac Font File Helper FREE Merge fonts into one or two font suitcases for 8.6 compatibility
PC Font Namer $20 Utility for modifing font names and properties
Mac PopChar lite FREE Insert any character into a document by selecting it from a menu
Mac PopChar Pro $29.00 Insert any character into a document by selecting it from a menu
PC Printer’s Apprentice $25.00 Professional font managment tool for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0
Mac TypeStyler $149.95 Creates special effects graphics with your fonts.